Terms Conditions For Calm Care Suicide Awareness

Terms and Abbreviations: – In these terms and conditions (“the terms”):“we”, “us” and “our” and “Calm” refers to Calm Consulting Proprietary Limited (ABN; 40 623 534 716); and“You”, “Your”, “the student”, “the participant” and “I” refers to you.

Course Enrolment

1. As an online student of Calm you agree to the following terms and conditions:-

1.1 To participate in your chosen online course and to complete the nominated course within the specified duration;

1.2 You acknowledge that the ‘quiz’ responses that are submitted for all online work, whether written, multiple choice or other, are your own work and, if written, are in your own words;

1.3 You acknowledge that to be deemed competent for each lesson you must gain the satisfactory result for all ‘quiz’ questions in that unit;

1.4 You consent to Calm to make any enquiries necessary to verify the information disclosed in this application and to verify the identity of the applicant;

1.5 You agree to pay the course fee of $79  (GST inclusive) for the course using the online payment method for the course enrolment;

1.6 If you wish to cancel your enrolment you must do so within fourteen (14) days of your enrolment being completed and you must do so by contacting Calm (admin@keepcalm.org.au) in writing;

1.7 If you choose to cancel your enrolment within the specified 14-day period you acknowledge and accept that a cancellation fee of 50% of the total course price will apply;

1.8 You accept that you are required to pay the full amount of the course fees even if you fail to complete your course or fail to advise Calm of your withdrawal from your course during the 14-day cancellation period;

1.9 In the event that you do not complete your course within the given time frame of 30 days from the date of enrolment your course may be suspended and access to further material denied;

1.10 Access to your course is 30 days, as stated in the course description.

2. Within receipt of payment of your course fee:-

2.1 You will be provided with a receipt of payment; and

2.2 Taken to the Registration page of the course to submit a username and password nominated by you.

3. In relation to the above, you acknowledge the following:-

3.1 Your course enrolment is complete and final when you have registered your account on the Registration page.

3.2 The course commencement date is the date that pay and register for your course;

3.3 Course access is a total of 30 days, and is effective from the course commencement date;

3.4 Log in access to all available units of the course will be active as at the course commencement date;

3.5 You will be deemed to have commenced the course on the course payment and registration date; and

3.5 The course is not transferrable to any other party once the course has been commenced.

4. Payment of course fees

4.1 The full or total amount of the course fee ($79, inclusive of GST) and timeframes for payment are clearly displayed for the course on the Calm website.

4.2   If training is contracted by a company, corporation or non-for-profit organisation then full fees are payable at the time of the enrolment process, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Calm.

4.3   Payment for the course must be made in full prior to you commencing the course or being issued with the registration portal.

5. Course materials

5.1 Course materials are supplied in an online environment, unless otherwise stated in the course description;

5.2 Once enrolment has ended (30 days from the date of enrolment) access to the online course will be denied to you.

5.3 The content of the online course materials, including copyright and all other such intellectual property rights contained therein, remain the property of Calm; and

5.4 No reproduction or distribution of any part of the course material, including but not limited to all ‘quiz’ questions, content, supporting documents, Art or online material can be made without the prior written consent of Calm;

5.5 Participants must not use any course materials for any purpose other than which it was intended;

5.6 The printing of the Calm Care Information Booklet is for your exclusive use only and may not be reproduced more than once for this purpose;

5.7 You must not distribute the Calm Care Information Booklet or use any of its contents to formally train or advise others who have not attended the Calm Care training session, either electronically or face to face.

6. Cancellations and fees

6.1  Should Calm cancel the course for any reason, any student enrolled at the time Calm announces the cancellation will be entitled to a full refund of course fees and there will be no administrative charges or penalties.

7. Withdrawal prior to course commencement

7.1 If an applicant/student has completed the payment, registration and enrolment process and requests to withdraw prior to commencing the course a full refund of the fees will be made less a cancellation fee of 50% of the total course fee, which will be held to cover administration costs.

8. Eligible cancellation during the first 14-day period

8.1 Eligible cancellations for students enrolled in but have not commenced the Calm course which are received during the first fourteen (14) day period will receive a full refund of course fees, paid less a cancellation fee of 50% of the total course price, which will be held to cover training and/or administration costs.

9. Withdrawal during the course

9.1 Cancellations, other than cancellations during the first 14-day period, for students that have commenced their course will not be entitled to a refund.

9.2 A Certificate of Completion will only be issued when the course has been fully and satisfactorily completed.

10. Withdrawal due to illness or hardship

10.1 In the case of a student withdrawing from a course due to illness or extreme hardship Calm may, at its own discretion, allow a refund of fees, however the following conditions will apply:-

10.1.1 The person concerned must produce satisfactory evidence of the circumstances for the application such as a medical certificate;

 10.1.2 A cancellation fee of 50% of total course fees will be withheld;

11. Reinstatement into a course

11.1 Calm will not reinstate a student into a course following the course expiry or enrolment closure date.

11.2 You acknowledge that if for any reason, be it personal or medical, that if you cannot continue your study that you have the option to apply for withdrawal or to place your course on hold.  This can be done by the following steps:-

11.2.1 Contacting Calm and requesting, in writing, to withdraw; or

11.2.2 Contacting the Calm and requesting, in writing that Calm extend the course to allow sufficient time for completion.

12. Confidentiality and privacy

12.1 Calm will make all reasonable efforts to keep any confidential information that we have about you secure and to ensure that any of Calm’s employees or agents who may have access to that information about you do not make any unauthorised use, modification, reproduction or disclosure of that information.

12.2 We will only disclose information that we have about you on the following basis:-

12.2.1 To the extent specifically required by law;

12.2.2 For the purposes of this agreement (including disclosing information in connection with any query or claim).

12.3 Information provided by you to us is considered to be confidential and will not be divulged to any third parties nor will it be sold or passed over to any other mailing lists.

13. Acceptance of course enrolment agreement

13.1 By accepting the terms of this course agreement:-

13.1.1 You are warranting that you are eighteen (18) years of age or older;

13.1.2 You will provide a valid email address which is unique to you and will maintain this unique email address throughout your enrolment or otherwise you will advise the Calm administration staff of any change to your contact details or email;

13.1.3 You acknowledge your course commencement date is the date that your course payment and registration is completed, unless requested otherwise at the time of enrolment;

13.1.4 You acknowledge that you must complete all units of the course satisfactorily within 30 days of your enrolment being completed to obtain a certificate of completion;

13.1.5 You acknowledge that your acceptance declaration will be recorded on our database;

13.1.6 You agree to participate in the ‘quiz’ process with authenticity and honesty;

13.1.7 You acknowledge that this declaration is true and correct;

13.1.8 You acknowledge by pressing the “I accept” button on the course acknowledge page that you have read, understood, and agreed to all of the terms above.

14. Course Description and Details

        14.1           CALM Care 3.5hour online suicide awareness program.

Misconceptions, stigma, and fear are prevalent when it comes to suicide. These are major barriers to engaging with somebody as well as to people help seeking. CALM Care is a 3.5hour awareness presentation that teaches four key actions: Connect, Ask, Refer, Exit to reduce stigma and fear, to build confidence, awareness and skills and so to enable participants to start a positive, and potentially life-saving conversation about suicide.

CALM Care equips and empowers participants to recognise and respond to warning signs of suicide, ask about suicide in a non-judgemental and open way and then warm refer the person needing hope to services for further support.

Participants will be empowered with practical skills and resources and given the confidence to remain calm.

By enrolling in this course, you accept these TERMS AND CONDITIONS for this online training course “Calm Care”